Monday, May 25, 2009


Welcome to my blog. It's so nice of you to take time out of your day and visit...but then, you may have either stumbled across this blog due to a fat-fingered-keystroke-mistake OR you consciously wandered into my world. Eye-ther way, Welcome to my new little blog I entitled,


I came across that phrase last week in a short meeting with my company's CEO. This meeting was a follow-up meeting from a previous meeting 2-weeks earlier. Meetings meetings meetings. We have meetings to select when to have meetings about when we should meet again meetings. It's no wonder now that our business is closing after 52 years of existance and a mere 86 employees locally will be displaced.

It is what it is.

Yeah, it's a sign of the times I suppose. Economic down turn. Global economy struggles. Strictly a business decision. It is what it is.

Oh sure, there will be changes. Possible changes in the name on my paycheck, type of work, place of work, but I am pretty certain that I will be working somewhere. We are still in the early stages of this 'announcement' and the final drop-dead layoff date has yet to be named. Seems we have some customers that need our product and will require a certain amount of our product to get through the tidal surge of this economic tsunami.

Who knows, maybe my freelance writing will take off OR at least the chance to apply more time to my writing will surface through this ordeal.

Do you have any pet peeves? A peeve that really just sets you off like nothing else? Maybe it's just my DNA or genetic makeup...wait they are the same thing right..? I tend to spot things that are just plain wrong.

Clocks with Roman numerals...and the Roman numeral for '4' is and has always been 'IV'. Guess the pre-teens in the sweat-shops in our third world factories never learned this...I am starting to see 'IIII' in place of the 'IV'.

The last pound of coffee you bought was probably only 13 ounces.

Who does the counting of the thread counts in our sheets?

Goin fishin doesn't mean you're gonna catch fish. That's why they call it fishin and not catchin.

Does losing really build character? Losing what? your mind? that extra weight? your keys?

How about the guy that is standing in line behind you at the convienence store at 5AM. You're the only ones in the store and the only other vehicle besides his is your truck with a boat...and he asks the 'question' of the day... " goin fishin?" DuH..

Hey, thanks again for stopping by. Remember our fallen veterans today for all our freedoms we enjoy. If you happen to be a veteran, Thank You for all that you have done for me. SALUTE.



  1. Heh heh heh you should have known your old writing pal Debra would be the first to "follow" you. I love what you've done and wrote. Congrats! It is awesome. Keep writing.

  2. Enjoyed it, Jake. Glad you've joined the blogging world. What fun!

  3. I love the title. In fact the whole blog has a cool, comfortable feeling about it- great job!

  4. Well done, Mr. Chambers! I wish you nothing but success and good fortune in this endeavor. Look forward to moseying over here on a regular basis.

    Tight lines!

  5. Me and Big Pat

    as I said before your awesome,this is something to be proud of we are proud of your writing Jake really we are just without words,always knew you had the gift of gab,anyway that's what the "Big Guy" always said, I agree 100%,keep up the good work.