Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Because I Said So

NO! Not today.

Remember hearing that answer from your mom or dad when you were a kid?

The answer could have resulted from a quickly mounted onslaught of reasons as to why you couldn't live without the new yo-yo, the latest style of sneakers, the new release of your favorite song on 45 rpm record single, or that fixed blade hunting knife on display at the hardware store. But no matter the excuse you presented as to the need for the item which was just a waste of hard earned money in your parents eyes, the answer remained a resounding no.

NO. Not today. Well, when then?

These moments in our upbringing could be considered as character building blocks. Couldn't tell me then, that I would learn from the situation and grow to a better understanding of not getting something on a whim.

This is the general idea and feeling I get when I hear about the special interest groups wanting to ban my recreational fishing.

No. Not today.

Who are you to take away a freedom that every American can enjoy today, simply because you and a few friends think it is hurting the fish when you hook one. There are lots of causes in the world other than the one you choose to attack, assaulting me and millions of other American citizens, who love the fact that we can go fishing whenever we want to.

So you ask...just how bad can it be? You're not a weekend angler you say. Let's look at it this way. Someone out of nowhere decides to try and ban your interest for no better reason other than it just doesn't make sense to them.

Favorite hobbies will now demand purchasing a state license. Sports will require monthly dues being paid to a national organization linked to the environment.

Making quilts, collecting salt & pepper shakers, stamps, rare coins, glass insulators from electrical power lines, or sewing thimbles to name a few will be outlawed.

Reasons...quilts require goose down. Geese are protected now. The other items could be suspect for containing lead.

Do you watch NASCAR racing, baseball, soccer, golf, football. In order to watch these on the weekends or Monday nights, you must go to the local outlet and purchase a one time use special chip to allow the signal to pass thru to your television or satellite.

We have freedoms people. Our veterans have fought for the very freedom of speech I enjoy while you read this. Freedoms many citizens of this world do not even get to experience. To walk across their cities and towns without the fear of car bombs. To cross state lines without check points and to return to our homes at night.

The special interest groups are out there, walking to and fro among us, looking for the next objective, and their next choice just might affect you and your interests. You will have to make a stand for yourself and your friends and tell them...

No. Not today.


  1. Hey, Jake~ Check out my blog and you will find the "Beautiful Blogger" award I gave you.


  2. Jake I feel your passion. I can't imagine someone wanting to pass legislation restricting or charging me for when, where, and how I write.