Monday, July 20, 2009

Gettin' Physical....Therapy that is

It hasn't been the 'funnest' thing I have ever done in my life, but I am feeling the benefit of just how having therapy makes things better...the physical type of therapy that is.

The PT group associated with the local bone doctors do a really good job in my opinion. This being the first time to have this level of physical therapy; I must tell you the treatments have been administered in the most professional manner while keeping a casual and friendly atmosphere.

A lot of you may not know about the injury to my shoulder. Back in the middle of May this year, I was pushing on a big old piece of equipment at work and felt something give in my upper chest / shoulder area. Right away I knew that this was not gonna be good.

Just for your information...screaming like a little girl...doesn't make it quit hurting any sooner.

The pain pretty much stayed with me over the weekend and early into the next week until I got to see the local shoulder doctor.

Tests would conclude that I had partial tears in both my rotator cuff and the bicep tendon along with an agitating little bone spur that digs into to stuff that doesn't like being dug into.

Note to all who care...unless you have ever experienced the 'joy' of a shoulder injury, you just don't realize how much you use your arm and shoulder in simple things like opening doors, turning steering wheels, putting your vehicle in gear, and even brushing your teeth. These simple motions will remind you quickly of better days.

So far, there is no surgery scheduled...possibly within the next six weeks we might look at removing the bone spur....but for now it's physical therapy for me and my shoulder.

Spending at least an hour with these folks every other day and listening to them as they go through their tasks while tending to the 'patients', I couldn't help but pick up on some things that I want to share with you.

Top dog in here is Mr. Jim...or Dr. Jim as the tongue depressor reads while you are lying on your back getting stretched out by Jim. Someone drew a little face on the stick and stuck it up along the ceiling tile for you to look at.

Mr. Jim runs the ship....or maybe it's Pauline and Margaret who work the front desk that 'let' Jim run the ship...will check on that and get back to you. Pauline and Margaret will always greet you with a smile as you sign in for your therapy sessions.

P.J. does a great job with chasing down the insurance necessary for those of us with claims. She basically works behind the scene somewhere beyond the single door that leads away from the command cubicle.

Before any therapy is performed on anyone, Mr. Jim will check you over and decide what he thinks is best for your situation and in line with the doctor's orders. This information is then passed on to the able bodied crew of therapists. On a really busy day, I sit in amazement as to how everyone is moving from station to station without knocking someone over...

Although there is more activity on some days than there are other days, the whole operation is pretty much like clockwork. There are plenty of heat packs and ice packs to keep track of during the course of a day. Not to mention the nifty little voltage producing gizmo and the ultra sound treatment thingy the crew uses to manipulate that specific part of your body needing attention.

Speaking of the crew... now I know someone will possibly get their feelings hurt simply because I didn't list them first, got something wrong like the spelling of their here is my disclaimer.

Sorry for your luck...get your own blog.

I am doing this mostly by memory from information I managed to pick up just sitting and listening.

I will start with Katie since she took the initiative to write the names down for me. Katie hopes to one day work in either the college or professional ranks as a physical therapist. I hope she makes it. In talking with her it sounds like she has a good start.

Kristen will soon be leaving the crew and heading to A&M, College Station..... Aggieland. I understand she really wants to go to A&M...and she would like to stay and keep this job also....

My money is on her ending up in Aggieland...

We have at least one military veteran in the mix. Will has served 2 tours in the middle east. Thank you Will for your service to our country and good luck on your summer classes.

Oh yeah, Will is also a University of Texas fan who keeps the rivalries stirred up every chance he gets...."Hook 'Em Horns"

Jessica will be leaving soon heading to Baton Rouge. Talk about rivalry. She claims to like the University of Texas but her fiance is from LSU. Other than politics, college loyalty is the only other factor that can keep the fires of rivalry burning.

The recent college world series was a mixed bag around the therapy room. LSU... National Champs in baseball and football... imagine that.

Ana is always in the background. Kinda quiet but most efficient. Always with a smile...makes me wonder if she is up to know what they say about the quiet ones.

I believe she told me she is taking classes for radiology and she was the one that first pointed out how the ultrasound treatment will disrupt the radio playing in the corner. The secret is out now Ana....

Amy, Alisa, and Doug come in around the time I am finishing with my round of exercises. Sorry to say I don't have much scoop on them other than...

Alisa says that most folks will call her Alice and she also hopes to work with athletic departments like Katie. Amy reminds me of my niece from Houston who I haven't seen in a few years...and Doug is pretty much safe since I haven't been able to gather much on him...yet.

Janine is one of the other quiet leaders of the group...seems to always be busy with her regulars....but does speak and asks how my day is. Janine is one of the two more experienced therapists who keeps a watchful eye on the younger crew members and will help out when and wherever needed. I hope I got your named spelled correctly...if not, I am gonna blame it on someone else....

The last but certainly not the least member of the crew is Ms. Pat.

Pat always has a word for you...or a name. I have managed to miss a nickname from her so far, but my luck may run out after she sees this. The big thing about Pat is her technique of greeting you.

She "young manned" me just the other day.

A few years ago, I started using the greeting on my older more mature co-workers. Realizing that most of the men I worked with had more experience in our line of work and I hoped to glean as much knowledge as possible from them as I could, so I tried to keep the daily grind of our jobs...light and humorous. I would greet them with:

'Hey young man, how you doing today?'

Well she 'young manned' me just last week.

At the time, all I could do was laugh about it. Pat had got me....and she is passing it along to her co-workers also. I hear that very phrase all over the exercise room when any older and more mature patient arrives.

Just today, I heard Pat give out a 'Hey young lady...' I reckon that just proves the crew treats all their patients the same....yep...I reckon so.

Hey, It Is What It Is.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The One That Didn't Get Away

Most every bass angler I have the opportunity to meet has a story about the one that got away.

Fact is one of my favorite websites I frequent shares the stories of professional bass anglers and a single fish that got away.

Some of which were the difference in winning or losing the tournament and achieving a personal goal in their careers.

My personal best catch to date was not of the elusive green finned species.

The 'keeper' I hold nearest and dearest to my heart is my wife....and today is her birthday.

Happy Birthday Cindy!

Cindy doesn't like for me to spend money on a card. She would rather me keep it personal and just write her something special, leave it near the coffee maker for her to read as she waits for her first cup to brew.

She will stand at the kitchen window, scan the morning sky, check her flowers she has planted in the window box, and have her few minutes of quiet time before her day really kicks off.

Cindy has a day job that runs more than just 8 hours. She is my Domestic Engineer.

We have a 14 year old son. That in itself is a job for a couple of folks and a subject for another article...and I will leave it at that.

People would ask how did I convince her to marry me.

I tell them simply, she thought I had money.... and could two-step to country music.

Actually I could dance more than I had money.

To be truthful, she had the opportunity to check me out before we ever met. Her brother talked me into playing softball with a group of guys and at the first game, she was in the stands taking notes on the 'new' guy.

I can blame the whole situation on her now. She saw what she was getting into and stayed around so I could get her phone number... so basically, it's all her fault.

Truth be known... I sure am glad she stuck around for me to talk to. That first time we talked, I got hooked on her.

Back to the issue of me buying her cards for special occasions. It was revealed to me earlier this year when I gave her a card for our anniversary.

Again, the card was left near the coffee maker and off to work I go.

Returning home, I discovered that Cindy keeps all the cards she is given.

Laying on the kitchen counter were 3...count 'em THREE identical cards I have given her for our anniversary...and yeah, these were from the two previous years.

We celebrated 28 years of wedded bliss earlier this year. I truly believe that the Good Lord sent her into my life for a reason. Thank you God for bringing this woman into my life. You knew all along I would need someone like Cindy to keep me grounded in the ways of life.

I need a sign to hang in our house that reads something like this:

"A man lives here with the Best Catch of his life"

I Love You Cindy and have a great day today.

Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Funny thing happened....

A funny thing happened this weekend while cleaning out our garage.

Well, it's not a lot of cleaning, more like rearranging stuff....and we got some stuff. Seems like with every re-decorating of a room, the 'extra' winds up in my garage.

My garage runneth over and then someth.

I used to keep my boat in the garage. It became a real handy shelf to set things that didn't have a place in the house or was on its journey from one of our vehicles to inside the house....never quite making it.

Every time I wanted to take the boat out, it would require about 30-45 minutes of removing all the 'non-boating' items just to hook up and pull it out of the garage. I soon tired of this and bought a cover for the boat and now it sits along the drive way and basically is ready to roll within minutes of decision.

My biggest challenge is keeping the neighbors cat out of the boat. Even with the cover, there is enough room for the cat to squeeze between the outboard motor and the custom opening of the cover.

As for you cat lovers reading this, no calls to the authorities please.

This love-hate relationship has been going on for a while. I don't mind cats and cats don't mind me. This one is one of them long haired creatures and leaves enough hair to keep the battle between us raging.

OK, back to the garage. I had about half of my double driveway filled with some of the stuff from the garage. A few boxes were destined for charity while others were being looked at and gleaned of valuables.

Taking a short break, I spotted a car pulling up along the street and the couple along with their little toddler were soon making their way up the driveway.

Now mind you, there was no organization to the way I had our 'stuff' set in the driveway, but was enticing enough for these folks to think it was a garage sale.

I am not sure who was more surprised, me or them. Little did I know that my immediate neighbor was having an impromptu garage sale next door, but I couldn't see the activity due to the big old honking hedge on his property line.

The couple quickly apologized and aimed for the neighbors sale.

Could of been worse I suppose. I remember one garage sale we held years ago before moving into our present home and we were posed with a different situation. There was one lady that asked to use our bathroom.

Said she really wanted to continue 'shopping' but needed to use the facilities.

Hey lady, this ain't Wal-Mart and we don't have public restrooms either.

Sorry for your luck and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Which one are You?

Listener or Talker.

Which are you? A listener or a talker? Do people seek you out to share their problems with or are you the one that is constantly in need of an ear?

I suppose that we all are a little of both. Everyone needs to vent from time to time and we should be kind enough to lend an ear when needed. That's only fair, don't you think?

Who do you vent to? Your spouse? A co-worker? Close friend or acquaintance. Does it depend on the subject as to whom you want to talk to? Yeah, now we're getting there.

It really depends on who can relate to your situation doesn't it? You sometimes want some feedback or maybe a little guidance and you will bend the ear of that person you feel can assist you in the journey.

But if you are looking for someone to just let it all out on and hear your head rattle, you know who to go to, right? Yeah, I thought so.

We all have those type of people in life. Being parents, we hope that our children will come to us with their troubles, unless of course being the parent IS the problem.

No matter the situation, I have tried to teach my children that any situation can be worked through if you ask. There will always be someone to ask for help. Be it situations at school with friends, classmates, or the neighborhood bully.

I had a revelation once when my son asked me about something and was wondering how he was going to get through it. My reply was something like, well you know, I don't remember ever being faced with this particular situation as a boy, and that he was the learning curve since I had not raised a son through those waters either.

Basically what I learned that day, it's okay to tell your kids that you don't know but will stand with them all the way through it....and the answer was good enough for him.

I also believe that it's okay for your children to see how you handle life's struggles, so that maybe if and when they face their own down the road, they just might remember how mom or dad handled themselves.

Todays world offers a wide variety of challenges. There are new hurdles for us every single day. Many of which are being faced by our friends, neighbors, and family members.

Like being unemployed. Without work. Un-busy at making money.

Our corporate office made the decision to 'exit' the business of the product our small production unit produces.

Fancy arrangement of words to say we are shutting you down.

The shock from the initial annoucement has now worn off, the dust is settling and the final sunset will occur sometime in the next several months.

Questions abound all around and the usual people that hear our queries, now have their own set of questions. Lots of asking, not a lot of answers.

We are expected to continue with our day to day activities here at the job site like the announcement was nothing more than the usual monthly production schedule notice.

As my daughter was preparing for life outside of our home, I kept after her to learn a skill that would support her and not be dependent on another individual. She has made her mother and I so very proud and is currently living comfortably on her own.

Way to go Laci.

Now I face the same challenge with my son who will be a freshman in high school this coming fall. Decisions will need to be made to chart his course in life. Medical field, construction, civil work, or information technology; it's going to be his choice.

I know that things will work out for me, my family, and our immediate future. The Good Lord brought me to this point by allowing me to get started in this direction some 34 years ago.

The main thing is this...I need to quit talking and start listening to Him for the guidance I know He will give me. He knows my needs even before I speak them...

I need to increase my quiet time to hear Him speak.

I must become a listener.