Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jacob Colin Chambers

Wanting a family is sometimes more than just deciding to start a family. Some couples are destined to struggle with the journey.

My wife and I would be lifetime members of that select group. For what ever the reason, God taught us patience through the ordeal...

I remember it like it was just this morning.

A Sunday morning as I sat looking for a specific verse in my bible. It was the time before morning worship service and I was searching for that 'something special' that morning. Little did I know what was in store for me.

My hands found the verse that would lead me to an answer.

John 14:14 was a pure and simple promise. I read it again...

And then I bowed my head and asked God for a second child and I asked Him for this child in His name.

The sense of assurance was overwhelming. I told the wife when I returned home of what I had received. Her words..."Wow, it must have been a really good sermon."

I replied, "You just wait until next month, the test will be positive!"

What a birthday it would be the coming year. Cindy warned me that if our son was born on my birthday, I basically would be 'forever' taking a back seat to all of the celebrations, and I was cool with that...totally okay with it.

The first year was filled with unknowns. But our faith was steadfast in the fact that Jacob was an answer to a prayer. Within a week after the year long anticipation of surgery, the situation went in a direction we did not expect.

After almost six weeks of time in the hospital, God called Jacob home.

Why us Lord? Why us...?

And He answered,
"Who would you pick to take your place?"

The anguish we felt left us all alone or so we thought until that one night when I dreamed of Him cradling me as I had held my own children...

OR maybe it wasn't a dream after all. Who am I to say what God will do when a child needs comfort. Who better than the parent to console ?

We came to learn that the passing of time really does heal.

This very year of 2009 marks a milestone in our human existence. Jacob would have turned 21 but still in our hearts and minds, he will always be our 'Tonkers'...

Jacob Colin Chambers
2/1/88 - 4/12/89

You came to us simply, as an answer to a prayer,
Presented as a blessing, an example of God’s care.
To fill a space in time, we all know as life,
A joy, a thrill, a shining ray of light.

Little did we know the short time we would share,
I can still see you with your perfect head of hair.
The smiles and the tears would show us how much,
A blessing from Heaven, oh you were just such.

Your day of birth was a celebration of sorts,
Life with a beginning, big plans for all kinds of sports.
We had the chance to share the same birthday that year,
I thought..hey why not, let’s do it. It had a nice ring to the ear.

Troubles arose and our feelings exposed,
Fears and doubts were present, normal reactions I suppose.
Would not cast the problems on anyone we knew,
Not really sure why, but we questioned God too.

A blessing from Heaven, a gift from above,
You came and you left, like the flight of a dove.
You touched our lives in many different ways,
And your memory will live with us throughout all our days.

Your name, it was chosen, we knew it from the start,
We would call you Jacob Colin, but ‘Tonkers’ in our heart.
Now you stay busy by playing at God’s feet,
While making friends with the angels, oh that sure sounds neat.

Our time here on earth is numbered for sure,
Which may be up today, tomorrow, or late November.
There's one thing I know, and it’s a sure thing,
We’ll be together again when God calls, and it’s my ring.

Jake Chambers
May - 2001


  1. I am crying so hard I can barely write this. My daughter will be 21 next month. I wonder if by fate she would have known him the way I have come to know you Jake, and even your wonderful wife whom I don't know but feel I do.

    My daughter also came to us on a prayer. Her middle name is Danielle taken from Daniel whose verse about being in the Lion's den touched me so.

    I keep telling myself if I should lose her, don't ask why, just say "thank you" Lord for whatever time we had together. For I know our children is just on loan to us. They belong to the Almighty. May the Lord's blessings rain down on you and your family and you enjoy peace, love and joy for all your days on this earth.

  2. Debra...Thank you for your kind words. I have struggled with wanting to do an article on our son Jacob and settled on this piece.

    Hopefully, people that read it will take it as a type of memorial to Jacob.

  3. Wow- that was a very moving tribute to your wonderful son, Jake. Sad, yet at the same time inspirational, for your acceptance, with God's help and the passage of time, will give others hope who are grieving. You gave me hope- thanks!

    P.S. BEAUTIFUL poem!

  4. Absolutely amazing, Jake. Thank you.