Friday, June 19, 2009

My First Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to those of you that will get the usual Father's Day card along with the opportunity to fire up the grill and cook your own Father's Day meal.

To those fathers that will get the phone call from your children that live across the country and are not able to physically share the day with you, Happy Father's Day.

To those serving our country by being 'in-country' overseas and standing in the gap, defending our many freedoms we enjoy each and every day. Happy Father's Day.

Whether this is your first Father's Day or one of many to come, Happy Father's Day.

This just happens to be my 26th Father's Day.

If you are a stickler for details, you will argue the count by the end of the story...and that's what the comment section is all about. Please feel free to participate.

Twenty-six years ago, on Father's Day, my wife went into labor. Although it was late afternoon while we were visiting her dad, the pains began.

Suffice it to say, somewhere around midnight, we found ourselves at the hospital only to be turned away with instructions to see her doctor the next morning.

The doctor's visit was quick and to the point. Leave right now and go straight to the hospital. Do not pass go, just go straight to the hospital. NOW!

The day would bring us our first child. Our first born.

At the onset of 'our' pregnancy, we optioned for the day of delivery to discover what sex our child was...a boy or a girl.

For you scientists, doctors, engineers, and sticklers for details, that would be male or female.

Kind of like Christmas morning, you wanted to know what you were getting but just having to wait for it made it worthwhile.

We did the la maze classes in preparation of the birth. Got to go on a tour of the hospital maternity ward and delivery rooms as we neared the end of the class. This part was really boring to me, since I was working as an electrician on the expansion project at this very hospital.

The project was adding a whole new wing that included new labor and delivery rooms with an updated neo-natal nursery. The entire floor was dedicated to the delivery and care of our future citizens.

I remember seeing my co-workers from the labor room window. They were measuring off wire for one our major wire pulls for the project. Boy it sure looks hot down there and here I am in the air conditioning hanging around waiting on this special delivery......oh, sorry about that.

Getting back to the birth of our first child. The la maze class would end up being a bust for me. I was sent to the waiting room because fathers were not allowed in the delivery room during surgical procedures.

As I sat there with all my in-laws...waiting for the moment to arrive, the fact that I was about to become a parent got all over me. I was about to be a father. Was I ready? We were no longer going to be a couple.

We are family....(there's a song in there somewhere don't you think?)
....we are fam-ah-lee...i got all my sisters with meee.......

The arrival of my daughter made me a dad.

Our first born was a healthy and beautiful baby girl. All 9 pounds 8 ounces of her. I truly believe the Good Lord had a hand in the size of her because it made it easier for me to hang on to her. Like most first time dads, I didn't have a lot of experience with holding babies.

My wife and I had already picked out the names for our first child. We were ready for either one.

Our baby girl was here and we would name her Laci Renee.

Even though her birthday was the day after Father's Day that year, I still count it as my first Father's Day.

June 20, 1983. My daughters birthday.

'MY' first Father's Day!

Fastforward to June 2009.

This Father's Day I get to celebrate it as a grandfather as well. Being a grandfather is still basically new but I figure it will work itself out.

Grandma still gets top billing around the house...except for this coming Sunday, when it's Grandpa's turn to be 'top dawg'.

Well hopefully this 'top dawg' will get to sit around with family, both of my kids, and the granddaughter. Probably even fire up the grill and cook our Father's Day meal. Enjoy the day in all its glory...and then some.

Here's to all the fathers out there.

May God Bless you as only He can for being the father He wants you to be.

Happy Father's Day


  1. As always, Jake, well done. If I may be so bold, you're really coming into your own as a writer. I imagine your "puddle jumpers" are pretty proud of you no matter what their ages. Keep up the good work, my friend!


  2. Wow- your daughter and I share the same birthday!

    Hope you had a great father's day!