Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Holler...

Recovering from shoulder surgery this past Tuesday...this post may take me a bit longer, but you will never know exactly how long ....will you?

Being a new writer, I am constantly on the 'listen' for a topic.

Sitting in the 'pre-op' cubicle Tuesday morning, not one but two different nurses prepping me for the procedure reminded me upon exiting the curtain framed room...

"If you need anything....just holler."

The second reminder prompted both me and my wife Cindy to a memory of our first born and the passage from diapers to being a big girl and getting 'potty' trained.

We would position her and told her that when she was just holler.

Within a few moments, lost in the program we were watching, we heard her voice from down the hallway...reaching an octave never before believed possible....


Such a smart child she is. She absolutely listened and did just as instructed. She hollered when she was ready for our assistance.

I have been doing my share of hollering around the house since coming home from the day surgery. Cindy has been available for my every request.

She even takes her cell phone to bed with her, just in case I may need her during the night...from the living room where I have taken up residence..I can simply call her.

Truth be known...I haven't called yet...scared to wake her up...but I know she would be there if I did need her.

As she closes the door and turns out the lamps for my attempt to get some sleep in the not so comfortable over stuffed chair....she tells me....

"Just holler...."

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  1. I am so happy your surgery went well. I've prayed and thought of you and your family often. I am excited to see you up and posting so soon. You just can't keep a good writer down. Thanks for your e-mail about my "A Fair to Remember," article. I have it and the check framed over my desk. Thanks to Jess we are all so much further than we ever thought possible a year ago.
    Keep feeling better. God bless! And if you or the Mrs. need me, just HOLLA!