Thursday, September 17, 2009

..must of been the meds

Saw the doctor yesterday. Basically all good news...even if I do have to keep my arm in a sling for a spell.

There is a time for all seasons, and right about now it appears to be the season for healing of damaged shoulders.

I admit to few and faithful readers...I am about to learn a little more about patience along this path than I originally thought.

The visit with my doctor enlightened me to the fact that I had almost completely severed my bicep tendon but was still hanging by a few threads. The rotator cuff was ultimately unscathed which left the tendon to be dealt with.

In short, the tendon was re-attached to the humerus ...(which ain't even thinking about being funny) by some modern day, medically named, just what the doctor ordered....screw thingy.

I am also told that within time, the tendon will attach itself to the bone.. and along with those infamous words ringing in the good as new.

Good as new, 'eh? I'll take it!

After the good doctor shared this wonderful news with me, I set about putting my shirt back on along with my new little best friend, the SLINGSHOT2 arm sling. The nurse made a return visit to see what was taking so long with me coming out of the exam room.....

Well hey, I am but one middle-aged man with one good arm and associated factory installed left-hand....trying to button my shirt...give me a second or two.

Upon leaving the doctors office with the stitches removed and feeling good about the prognosis, I waited out front along the drive-thru drop-off area for my soon to be nominated for sainthood loving wife to arrive to take me home.

Soon after returning home, looking at my reflection in my bathroom mirror, I realized that single-handed as I was, I managed to miss-button my's no wonder the nurse was stifling a laugh when I so proudly walked out of the exam room and down the wife almost fell down laughing at the sight of her independent spousal unit standing before her in his lime green fishing shirt all askew....

Well done Mr. Independent-Fluorescent-Lime-Green-Fishing-Shirt-Wearing-Shoulder-Patient Sir...well done.

Now for some ice on my one good hand....CINDY!!!!


  1. You are so funny, Jake. I can just imagine you in a sling, with your shirt buttoned that way. Hey- at least you didn't pass out when they took your stitches out like I did after my foot surgery! Hang in there and enjoy this down time. Will you be good to go for deer season?

  2. I am so happy everything went well. Cindy is a real trooper. I met with Jess a week or so ago and we had a blast. I have something to send you. Email your address to my email account. I'll be checking on you.

  3. As always, my brother, many prayers for a swift and comfotable recovery. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to deal with the sling and inconveniences. I know there isn't much I can do in Va, but you'll "holler" if something comes up, right?

    Tight lines, you ornery rascal,