Sunday, November 22, 2009

Can I Get Any Bonus Points?

Yeah, I remember...way back when kids would come up with those thought provoking questions and the better part of an afternoon would be gone before you knew it.

And I would be willing to bet that most of you reading this will have at least one time, had the conversation when you were younger....and I bet also after hearing some of the other answers, you probably changed your first answer.

....if I was to die...I would come back as a ________.

I know I know, but remember, these are kids we're talking about and the realm of eternity doesn't fit into the afternoon...and the issue of reincarnation is at hand.

What would you come back as? If you could.

I always seem to pick some sort of bird. A hawk or an eagle. I wanted to be able to fly and just soar on the wind currents....not to mention the keen eyesight these critters have.

Well my son posed that question to me the other afternoon. I immediately went into the matter of fact mode and reminded him that we do not believe in reincarnation...and he quickly assured me that he understood, but didn't have another word for this time honored discussion among kids.

The conversation soon filled the cab of my truck with "what-ifs" and it started to get interesting.

How many times have you heard stories about someone dying and then contacting a loved one still here on this big old rock we call Earth?

Do you think only certain folks get this type of privilege?

Or is it a special grade of angel that takes the information down and gets the message to the left behind chosen earthling?

How come only certain people get to 'hear' from grandma or a brother after they have passed?

My grandfather had promised a watermelon just for the two of us when he got back from the hospital....I never got that promise filled and maybe that's why I don't care for any types of melons today.

What kind of signal would you want to have to prove that the message was Heaven sent?

Would it be a thought of something you had long forgot about? Maybe an old photograph and for the first time in years, you spot an item in the background you had never noticed before that prompted your quick trip down memory old friend on Facebook?

Are there bonus points in heaven?

I wouldn't think so....besides, why would you need any other're in heaven.

But a snowfall in August here in Southeast Texas would sure cause me to wonder....

Let me hear from you and any heavenly connections you want to share.....


  1. Great thought-evoking questions, Jake. I, too, would want to be some kind of bird; particularly a cardinal. I'd want to be free and fly. I think God speaks to us through the beautiful crimson birds.

    ~laurie k.

  2. My father smoked cigars. A few months after he died I had to have surgery. As I was about to get the anesthesia I smelled his cigar smoke. I knew he was there. I think some of us are more succeptable to experiences with the other side than others. It's just a sharpened sense or maybe it's in the genes. In some way I believe that love ones do contact us but all aren't able to pick it up. I am definitely a sea animal. I am drawn to the water and feel as one with the ocean. Great post!!!!

  3. Is it possible to come back as one of my own pets?

    Man, do they have the life.