Thursday, June 17, 2010

Amazed...simply amazed

This afternoon finds me chilling under a ceiling fan, watching Wheel of Fortune game show, checking my Facebook page, reading emails, and looking to see how many if any new visitors there have been to this old blog.

Again, I stand...make that... sit before you amazed. Simply amazed. Either you folks have an amazingly docile life like mine, have minimum outside interests, OR just love reading about someone who has it worse off than yourself.

Now hang on a second...don't go and click out of here... that right there was a touch of humor. I really do appreciate your taking the time to come in and check in. My little visitor meter keeps a tally on where you folks are from and that really amazes me. I go on about this fact simply because of the ease that our world comes together.

Really a small world we live in, unless of course you walk everywhere you have to go. I was cleaning out stuff in my office the other day...stuff that my former boss left behind. What a treat I found. Try and follow me with this.

It was a framed collection of post cards, photos, and a program from a museum in Poland. All of these items were pasted on top of a map of Poland and set under glass suitable for hanging.

Curiosity got the best of me with the one envelope facing backwards. There had to be an address on the other side, so I went to work at opening the framed work of Polish heritage.

Amazing enough, the name and address was in English and was actually a local person that lived in my home town of Beaumont, Texas.

Turns out the online service of Google helped with a few of the Polish words and told me the arrangement was about beekeeping. That's right beekeeping and their beehives.

Seems the lady's name was listed in our phone book and from a quick conversation with her husband, she was a certified beekeeper and had traveled all over the world working with bees.

At the plant site where I work, this lady had kept several beehives and had maintained access to the bees for several years with the chemical units springing up around the compound.

Just a heads up, I understand that I will be getting a digital recorder for Father's Day this know one of those things that help with taking notes without having to write it down, so I plan on contacting the woman next week, and see about getting a story from her about the bees and the collection of Polish beehives and the style of hives common to Poland.

You can bet that I will putting this story together for you kind folks that keep coming back for more. You know who you are, all of you...or as we say here in Texas.... all y'all. Which is in the plural tense. Singular tense would just be..... y'all.

So you peeps from Mississippi, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, New York, Delaware, California, Louisiana take a listen right here....we got real life foreigners making their presence known.

There's been a couple of folks from the Ukraine and Leeds, U.K. How sweet is that?

Take care girls and boys, come on back and I promise to have a decent beekeeping story up and running soon.

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