Monday, June 21, 2010

Thought I heard something behind me

Are you scared of the dark?

Do you like to watch scary movies? Does your imagination play tricks on you when you are alone? Have you ever heard noises that defy common sense?

Are you alone right now reading this...? Are you sure you're alone....? Is the door locked?

Was that a strange car sitting in front of the neighbors a couple of doors down...?

There was a time when my imagination would run rampant and bring the eerie sounds to my ear. Like the time I was preparing for a hunting trip. It was opening weekend of deer season here in East Texas and I had my checklist of items that would be necessary to make it as comfortable as possible for the next couple of nights.

As those nights would be spent in a tent there in the piney woods of East Texas. Not minding having to rough it, I welcomed the bad could it be.

The night before I left for the weekend, I was talked into watching the movie, and some of you will remember this one...

The Blair Witch Project.

Talk about a really bad idea. Talk about a wild freaking imagination. I heard voices all night long. Even having my loaded shotgun laying next to me wasn't enough to allow sleep to come. I am sure I heard the scratching on the nylon walls several times during the night.

Thought I heard something behind me....

Then there was the time I borrowed my brother in law's pop up camper. Finally off the ground....and safe from the boogie man.

Yeah right. Those style campers have slide out beds that are covered by mere canvas. The boogie man can slice right thru that stuff and get you quick. That night I dreamed the canvas had collapsed on top of me and I couldn't even scream for help.

Fine shape I would of been in if the boogie man and his buddies had shown up. Seems like I was packing my shotgun and my grandpa's old pistol he bought way back when he was running for constable, but that didn't help much against the imagination that was having its way with my mind.

Walking to the deer stand one morning, I thought I heard something behind me... oh crap.

Did I load my rifle? Did I put a round in the chamber? What the hell was that noise..?

Sounded like footsteps behind I spin around, the noise comes from the direction I was just heading....double crap...there's more than one.

I just freeze and hold my breath, figuring dawn is about an hour away and I won't be missed until at least 10 A.M. My entire body would be ... could be ... that noise again is at my feet.

Then I realize that the noise is the small leafless twigs of an indigenous plant that was rubbing against my insulated overalls.

I knew it all along. Yeah right, imagine that.

Then on the walk back to the camp after not seeing anything pass by your stand, you notice just off the path your taking, a rather large collection of animal droppings....and some really big paw in a big cat with big paws that leave big droppings ... and your mind tells you that all cats cover their stuff with dirt so it won't be seen....OR do they?

I thought I heard something behind me the other day, as I was coming in thru the garage... but I realized it was only my rear end that was dragging behind me. These extended hours I am working are taking a toll on me. A two day weekend is just enough to make me want to sleep with a loaded weapon, but the voices keep telling me differently. Hit the snooze button, it's gonna be okay.

Did you hear something just now...? Is the patio door locked? Was that something outside your window?

Must of been the wind.

....or was it?

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  1. Glad to see another grown man with the same imagination. Ha! I guess the critters of the night never really leave our subconscious minds, especially when camping. A forest ranger friend of mine decided to pull the boogeyman card years ago on a camping trip. Told us manly men sitting around the campfire about all the folks who go missing but the public never hears about it. He embellished the story with tales of torn up campsites and whatnot. I thought I was the only one who didn't get much sleep that night. Turns out that several of us were bleary eyed the next morning. The ranger buddy told us over coffee and a S.E. grin that he'd made it all up. Don't lose the imagination, Jake. It's being alert and paranoid that'll keep you from being a werewolf's supper;)