Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just relax will you?

Well, I am trying to..really I am. Seems like I just about forgot how to really relax. But with a few more days like today, the total memory recall should kick in shortly.

This has only been my second weekend off that I didn't have to lead into with taking vacation since early this year.

Yeah, I know, I should be thankful to be employed, and I am. I give God thanks everyday for providing for my family through HIS blessings that include our health, our home, our friends, my job that provides so many benefits, and last but not least a Native Texan.

I have found that every Saturday in August, cable TV's American Movie Classic channel plays John Wayne movies all day and night....and in between movies I have seen, I get to watch the Little League playoffs for next weekend's schedule of the Little League World Series. Talk about some good baseball...take a look see and become a fan of tomorrow's big league stars.

I have almost become one with the couch through the course of the day. Relaxing while watching the Duke, baseball, and even finding time to give you a little posting.

I hope to be a bit more diligent in my writing in the coming weeks as my work situation calms down and isn't quite so intense for another month or so. We shall see shant we?

Have an interview next Tuesday for an opening with another unit at my plant site. It's been years since I have been stressed over doing a job interview so I will let you know how it goes as soon as I know something.

There is a possibility I may be upgrading to my own web page in the near future. One of my nieces is getting married in the near future and her husband to be is an IT tech and offered to help me get my own web page....which would offer a lot more to do with a personal page than this type I have now.

Will let you know as it gets closer.

Take care folks, I appreciate your being here, whether it be by complete mistake OR you actually punched in the address to see in fact.... is what it is.

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