Sunday, July 12, 2009

Funny thing happened....

A funny thing happened this weekend while cleaning out our garage.

Well, it's not a lot of cleaning, more like rearranging stuff....and we got some stuff. Seems like with every re-decorating of a room, the 'extra' winds up in my garage.

My garage runneth over and then someth.

I used to keep my boat in the garage. It became a real handy shelf to set things that didn't have a place in the house or was on its journey from one of our vehicles to inside the house....never quite making it.

Every time I wanted to take the boat out, it would require about 30-45 minutes of removing all the 'non-boating' items just to hook up and pull it out of the garage. I soon tired of this and bought a cover for the boat and now it sits along the drive way and basically is ready to roll within minutes of decision.

My biggest challenge is keeping the neighbors cat out of the boat. Even with the cover, there is enough room for the cat to squeeze between the outboard motor and the custom opening of the cover.

As for you cat lovers reading this, no calls to the authorities please.

This love-hate relationship has been going on for a while. I don't mind cats and cats don't mind me. This one is one of them long haired creatures and leaves enough hair to keep the battle between us raging.

OK, back to the garage. I had about half of my double driveway filled with some of the stuff from the garage. A few boxes were destined for charity while others were being looked at and gleaned of valuables.

Taking a short break, I spotted a car pulling up along the street and the couple along with their little toddler were soon making their way up the driveway.

Now mind you, there was no organization to the way I had our 'stuff' set in the driveway, but was enticing enough for these folks to think it was a garage sale.

I am not sure who was more surprised, me or them. Little did I know that my immediate neighbor was having an impromptu garage sale next door, but I couldn't see the activity due to the big old honking hedge on his property line.

The couple quickly apologized and aimed for the neighbors sale.

Could of been worse I suppose. I remember one garage sale we held years ago before moving into our present home and we were posed with a different situation. There was one lady that asked to use our bathroom.

Said she really wanted to continue 'shopping' but needed to use the facilities.

Hey lady, this ain't Wal-Mart and we don't have public restrooms either.

Sorry for your luck and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I've been proposing to clean out the garage for 5 years. Probably could empty the house along with it. I'd be embarrassed for the neighbors to see just how much stuff I have lying around.

    As far as that lady is concerned, "when you gotta go you gotta go." She must have really had to go, ladies would almost rather have an accident then ask a stranger to use the bathroom.

  2. You're a cruel, cruel man, Mr. Chambers. First the cat and now the poor lady with the ice tea surplus? HA! Good stuff, Jake. Funny how the average and mundane aspects of life become more interesting after time. Please keep up the great work.