Friday, July 17, 2009

The One That Didn't Get Away

Most every bass angler I have the opportunity to meet has a story about the one that got away.

Fact is one of my favorite websites I frequent shares the stories of professional bass anglers and a single fish that got away.

Some of which were the difference in winning or losing the tournament and achieving a personal goal in their careers.

My personal best catch to date was not of the elusive green finned species.

The 'keeper' I hold nearest and dearest to my heart is my wife....and today is her birthday.

Happy Birthday Cindy!

Cindy doesn't like for me to spend money on a card. She would rather me keep it personal and just write her something special, leave it near the coffee maker for her to read as she waits for her first cup to brew.

She will stand at the kitchen window, scan the morning sky, check her flowers she has planted in the window box, and have her few minutes of quiet time before her day really kicks off.

Cindy has a day job that runs more than just 8 hours. She is my Domestic Engineer.

We have a 14 year old son. That in itself is a job for a couple of folks and a subject for another article...and I will leave it at that.

People would ask how did I convince her to marry me.

I tell them simply, she thought I had money.... and could two-step to country music.

Actually I could dance more than I had money.

To be truthful, she had the opportunity to check me out before we ever met. Her brother talked me into playing softball with a group of guys and at the first game, she was in the stands taking notes on the 'new' guy.

I can blame the whole situation on her now. She saw what she was getting into and stayed around so I could get her phone number... so basically, it's all her fault.

Truth be known... I sure am glad she stuck around for me to talk to. That first time we talked, I got hooked on her.

Back to the issue of me buying her cards for special occasions. It was revealed to me earlier this year when I gave her a card for our anniversary.

Again, the card was left near the coffee maker and off to work I go.

Returning home, I discovered that Cindy keeps all the cards she is given.

Laying on the kitchen counter were 3...count 'em THREE identical cards I have given her for our anniversary...and yeah, these were from the two previous years.

We celebrated 28 years of wedded bliss earlier this year. I truly believe that the Good Lord sent her into my life for a reason. Thank you God for bringing this woman into my life. You knew all along I would need someone like Cindy to keep me grounded in the ways of life.

I need a sign to hang in our house that reads something like this:

"A man lives here with the Best Catch of his life"

I Love You Cindy and have a great day today.

Happy Birthday!!


  1. Congratulations! 28yrs is quite the matrimonial milestone! Y'all were just good n' hooked! When Christ is in the center of it all - nothing can squeak in between you!
    And I hope Cindy enjoyed a super great "Date Nite" - especially since it's her B-Day!!
    Really bro....3 of the same cards each year? Or did you just buy a box of them and pretend that you didn't mean to give her the same card???

  2. Hey, congrats, Jake. May you all have many, many happy and healthy years together. But, you know, Sally has a good point...3 cards in a row? Aw, Jakester, I guess you are what you are:) HA!

    Good work, big guy!