Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coming Attractions...

I recently received some constructive criticism about one of my recent articles that is posted here. I have learned while being new to this writing gig, one should listen to all that is said and chew on it a while before responding.

Responding may be the wrong word here...

How about... reflecting on the criticism, that sounds better, a little more thought provoking on my part.

This particular feedback resulted in a volley of emails between myself and the individual whom I greatly respect for his time and words of encouragement.

Like baseball great Dizzy Dean once said: "It ain't bragging if you can back it up..." ...
..and with the number of years this mentor has under his belt, the respect due him is deserved as well as demanded.

My next piece will concentrate on an individual and not so much as a group. The particular article in question was referred to as 'kinda long' and just 'ran on' a little too long.
I have to tighten it up a bit. Write tight as I have been told.

Through the past 6 weeks of my coming and going to physical therapy, I met a new friend that I want to introduce to you soon.

His story is unique in its own.

This man is one of our modern unsung heroes that walks among us virtually unseen.

We all know someone like him, and possibly one or two of you reading this could either be a co-worker or a brother or sister in arms with him.

Mr.G is a high school teacher.

Be sure and come back to read my story on this local hero. One of our local teachers that is leaving his mark on our future.


  1. Jake I am proud of you for contemplating the criticism. Yes, your friend is right about the post. It was too long and yeagh you kinda jump subject. I have the same problem. I am learning also about tight writing. Keep going, this is how we learn.
    Hey, you remember the first time I gave you a bit of criticism? Phew! Hint; You attacked my hair. LOL

  2. yeah yeah yeah...seems like i do recall that just a bit....go ahead...rub my nose in it some more....hehehe