Sunday, August 23, 2009

You Never Know

Usually it takes about 2 or 3 days for the doubt to creep in....where it will set up housekeeping in the back of my mind.

I am speaking of what every writer calls .... "writers block".

Writers block is capable of setting the parking brake on the flow of creative juices...much like sunblock will hinder the UV rays of the sun....only better...or worse, depending if you're the writer or the one sitting in the sun.

Trying to decide what to write about that might entertain you folks out there who are kind enough to spend an average of 2 minutes and 44 seconds per visit and keep you coming back for another dose sometimes is like a dog chasing its tail....humorous to watch, about as productive, and leaves you wondering about you and your pets sanity.

Lots of stuff going on in this old East Texas boys life this past week or so...more distractions than
you can shake a stick at with school starting tomorrow and being bitten last week by an undisclosed species of spider...which by the rate of as been determined NOT to be of the dangerous category.

Just mentioning spiders causes me to shiver a bit. I really don't care for those eight legged creatures that God gave us.

For you hunters out there, if you have spent any amout of time in the woods of East Texas, you all know about the infamous 'banana' spiders that spin their webs across every cow or game trail in the Big Thicket...just waiting for you to walk into and then spend the next several minutes wiping away their sticky old web and then searching for the spider that you can never locate.....and leaves you wondering where the heck it went.....but this may have to be shared with you later so let's get back to this weeks issue of my stumbling and stammering around.....

As I was speaking of earlier, there's writers block to contend with along with all the 'stuff' that finds its way into the daily you never really know who, what, or where your inspiration will come....but it always does.

I had even thought about maybe this blog thing wasn't gonna fly and flirted with just taking a short time off and away from the keyboard...then BAM...there it is. So unexpected but so obvious.

The credit for this piece goes to my neighbor across the street...Mrs. Arena.

Actually this is the second time she played into my game without her knowing. She was the inspiration behind the story about "Headlights and Tail-lights"....and of all places like the grocery store to run into her, she smiled and greeted me about how much she and some friends of hers were enjoying my blog.

Timing is everything and the fact that our paths crossed as I was entering the store and you were leaving with your purchases proves to me again about being just a small player in this thing called life. Ten or fifteen seconds either way and I would have missed your blessing of encouragement today.

Just so you will know Mrs. Arena....your kind and generous remarks concerning this small space I claim in cyber-space...were well timed and received. That is 'just' what I needed...the old shot in the
arm for keeping on ....."keeping on".

....and I thank you.


  1. I am so happy you decided to keep blogging. I also had that kind of moment but friends woould not hear of it.

    I so enjoy my paid writing job. It is everything I ever dreamed it would be as a writer. But, it was because of my blog that I got the job. Who knew this is how my editor interviewed for perspective writers?

    The editor said we had the same philosophy about life. Upbeat, positive, diverse, interesting, funny and generous towards others.

    I could not imagine that you Jake would be at a lost for words (writers block). LOL Visit my blog real soon, I miss your comments.

  2. Jake, you have so much to write about. Remember, you don't have to write can write short with punch. I hope you never put your writing aside.

  3. The ayes have it three against one, Mrs. Arena, Jess, and myself. You lose. Now you are going to have to keep writing this blog. I would like to write a post about you if that is o.k. My guy friends have been getting on me that I haven't showcased any male friend writers and they are right. Let me know

  4. Writer's block? Writer's block? Dude, Jakester, Chambersaurus Rex, Texanocerus, you, si, ain't even scratched the surface of what you have to offer. Let not your shriveled, East Texas heart be troubled, my friend...the world has not seem what Jake can do.

    Looking forward to more shenanigans, my friend!


  5. It's amazing how a small comment from someone can make a world of difference. So...stick with it, Jake! You're an awesome writer and I love your blog. Thank YOU for your encouragement, too!

  6. I that 'sit' here amazed. Thank you all for the kind words. I have a hand full of reasons to blame for the obvious lapse in judgement I declared in this piece. I now realize that it doesn't take much to amuse the bunch you folks...and for that I am grateful. Debra..if you dare to post about me, feel free would be an honor.


  7. Hey dude, your post is up so go on over to my blog. I hope you like it. Your friend and writing buddy...Debra