Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Gotta Wonder

How's your funny bone doing?

Not the funny bone in your elbow, the funny bone that defines your sense of humor. The part of you that lets you find the funny stuff in your life.

I always say that you gotta laugh to keep from crying these days. Laughter is good for the soul. Which brings about the question...

Do you think that God likes baseball? Of course He does and He even had it documented in His Word.

So you didn't know that baseball is mentioned in the Bible? Yep, it sure is and it must be a favorite sport of our Creator since He had it recorded right there up front of everything else....and you most likely have heard it before too.....

"In the Big-Inning...."

You get it don't you..? in the beginning..God created ... (just checking...)

While sitting in the drive-thru this A.M. at the local McDonalds, my son and I noticed...let's call them mature... a mature couple arriving for their morning coffee and breakfast.

Just as they came to a stop in the parking spot, you could tell that the wife was just a wee bit irritated with her husband of several years....reason we knew this was due to the 'body-language' she had going on with her head and the clear, concise, and complete -who-the-boss-is reply...before they exited the car...

It couldn't have been too terribly bad since he did carry in both of their McDonald's logo loaded coffee mugs for their meal.

I casually asked my son if he wanted to wager a bet as to how long the couple had been blissfully married..and he added that could be or should be changed to....'blisteringly' married.

After witnessing this early morning event, another question surfaced...

If a husband is in the woods and makes a decision, with no wife actually there, is he still just as wrong?

Yeah, I might catch a bit of the business from that remark...but that would mean that whoever gives me the flak, actually went online and read this blog....I'll take that chance.

Our son is beginning to hone his own sense of humor, but this morning, he really got me.

While at the doctor's office to complete his required list of immunizations for the school year, he was carrying around the usual basket of nerves. There were 4 shots that he needed to be ready for the coming year and the doctor was doing his usual banter with the patient and commented how several of his female patients had fainted from the ordeal.

As the fourth and final injection was administered, I watched my son sink to his left...thinking he was checking the sense of humor of the doctor....when he hit the exam table....I suddenly realized ....

He ain't joking! The boy actually fainted dead away. His eyes never closed and was only out for just a few seconds....but it sure was enough to stir the emotions of his dad....yeah buddy.

On the way home, I reminded him of the reason for the additional call buzzer in the examining room...had his mother been the one there, the doctor would of had to deal with both of you....a fainting patient and a hysterical mother....

Tomorrow we and my son, will go and do all the registering for his first year in high school.

Chances are, my sense of humor is about to be tested....I will let you know....wish me luck.


  1. Glad your boy's ok, Jake. Nobody wants to see their kids do a nasal perch.

    I hope your better half does read the blog. There are a whole lot worse things you could be doing, huh? Blessings, man, blessings.

    Good entry, sir. Keep 'em coming.


  2. Awww high school. It will go by so fast you will think it was a dream. Then comes the hard part. I call it the "lonely money years." You only communicate with your kid by the paper trail of never ending bills they make. We have one more year of college & then we are cuttin her loose. hahaha

    Enjoy your son's high school years, take lots of pictures. He will keep you in material for your blogs. LOL! Yeagh keep'em coming Jake my friend.

  3. This reminds me of a time I, too, fainted at the doctor's office. I had just had foot surgery and was going in for a check. The sight of my foot (pin sticking out of my second toe) made me pass out, too!

    Hope your son has a GREAT year (and you, too).