Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Driving Force

It is often times misunderstood; which would support why I am not even sure if it actually exists in the first place.

Oh I know that it really does exist, but what happens when the 'drive' goes away? Is it like the transmission on a car? If it's not in gear, you're not going to move very far.

The driving force behind getting something done. The reason for, the need to, the gotta have, the will to endure to reach a goal.

Sometimes it's as simple as ... just because it's what I want.

The part of nature that kicks in and causes different amounts of gray matter and body mass to be put into motion that ultimately give us room to perform and reach that plateau or level of acceptance among our peers.

I witnessed a bit of the phenomena earlier this week when report cards were issued. These were the first for my son in high school.....

Mind you I wasn't expecting the next brief exchange with my son, but was pleasantly surprised. He had received passing grades in all but one class.

The conversation immediately went into the common tennis court theme. Just like players who volley to see who gets to serve first...thooomp..thooomp...thooomp.

To my surprise his counter reply with..."I am simply going to have to hunker down, study, and try harder for the next grading period..."

The driving force for my son is that he wants to try out for the freshman baseball team come next semester and like any good and decent parent, I seized the opportunity to remind him of this.

This is that 'something' he wants...his driving force.

That 'gotta-have' that is fueling his desire to play high school baseball.

Isn't it good to see the 'want-to' in your kids lives actually work with the rotation of the earth? The natural balance of the systems are within factory specifications and working together for the good of life in the Chambers' home for now.

Last week I took my son to the batting cages for the first time in about 3 years. He has been away from organized baseball for that long and understands that he will have to work harder than others that have continued playing.

His attitude is much different this time around. Not sure exactly why, but thankful for the fresh wind that is blowing in from outfield.

That wind blowing in could be the result of the many new and unfamiliar eye catching smiles that crowd the halls and classrooms of his school or even discovering his older sister's Letterman's jacket from her four years of being a cheerleader in school...which prompted the question...

"How do you get one of these jackets?"

We will have to wait and see.


  1. It is hard that first year of high school. So many distractions and opportunities. Sounds like he is finding his niche. That is a good thing. He is going to be alright.

  2. Good stuff, Jake. In all seriousness, you are really coming into your own as a writer. I'll leave it at that.

    Thank you,