Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Only a Month?

This week marks a whole month since my surgery. According to my internal feels like it should be somewhere around the middle of December than just now scratching the early going of October.

Do you remember me mentioning learning a little bit about patience in a recent entry? To be truthful I have discovered that I am not as patient an individual as I once was or at least thought myself to be...or so I have been told. Thank you Cindy.

The term short temper would pretty much cover the overall feeling I have been dealing with in recent weeks.

Along with a few brushes of...deep dark depression...excessive misery....gloom, despair, and agony on me....go ahead, you finish the know it from the old comedy from Cornfield County we watched years ago... HEE HAW.

Today my doctor released me from my immediate restraints. I no longer have to keep the arm in the sling. This in itself was a load off of my mind, my neck and my shoulders.

Just do not use the arm for any type of lifting. Got lifting.

Pretty good trade off as I see lifting. Can do....or won't do.

My daughter has obviously picked up a smidgen of my sense of humor without me knowing it. In one of our visits a few days ago, she casually asked when I was going to go fishing again.

Re-wind back to me and my arm in a sling. You having a visual yet?

Family sitting around the living room with conversation being wide open to any topic and she hits me with ....

"Hey Dad, when you gonna go fishing again?" ....and as she looks over to me she finds me looking rather intently at her. She never has been able to win a staring contest with me.

Then she realizes what she had just asked me....I pretty much have been dry-docked the entire summer and with the slated recovery time...the fall fishing season is pretty much a wash out as well.

The best I can do for now is to put some fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank of the boat and run the motor while sitting on the front casting deck and dream of front-ending my fishing partner in the back of the boat.... all the while sitting along side of the driveway....keeping a charge on the battery.

The staring contest is still going on.....

My daughter tries to avert the attention of the awkward moment to her latest malady. Her shoulder has been hurting also. Mind you she hasn't had any surgery that we know of, just sleeping on it wrong when she and the granddaughter sleep in on Saturday mornings along with a recent flu shot.

Still staring....maybe even an upgrade to a possible Level-1 glare....

Then it happens.....just about now, she tries to stifle a laugh and fails....she cracks up and so do I. She knows how much I love to fish and is trying to find the lighter side of my dilemma.

The irony of the situation...I made the final payment on my boat with the September payment.

Looks like I will have to give the round to my daughter. Since she scored way more points than I did. Well hey, she does take after her dad....thanks for caring Laci.


  1. Jake~ Glad to hear you got the sling off. Before you know it, this trying time will be over and only a mere memory, so...hang in there, my friend. I have injured BOTH my ankles from running and am finally surrendering and going to the doctor today. I'm scared of what he's going to say.

    Take care. Your daughter and you seem to have a great relationship. What a great father you are!


  2. Hey "young man," you have a writing assignment I believe, so no time for depression, the blues and all that jazz. So glad you are progressing. My theme this year has been "Be of Service," but next year "Be of Patience." I too have a Patience Problem. I wonder is that an age related thing?