Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sincere Thanks To You

How many different ways is there to say thank you? Probably about as many as there are languages and dialects of those foreign lines of communication.

I owe each and everyone of you a special heartfelt thanks for spending time here.

Where here is exactly is what you're looking at. Inside my blog. You could be any other place in our cyber world, but you chose to exit off the cyber-hiway and cool your fingers and space bar pounding opposing thumb for a few're looking at your thumb resting on the space bar there on your keyboard aren't you..?

In setting up my blog a friend of mine suggested hooking up with an online device that tracks all the visitors to this site. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to see the list of 5 or 6 friends who frequent my new obsession of randomly captured adventures from my life or not.

Just this week, I stumbled across a few extra visits from some of you folks out there and wanted to acknowledge your part in boosting my morale. The discovery came on a day that was just really lousy for me. Almost to the level of lousiness..(is that a word?) when the Dallas Cowboys lost their opening game to the New York Giants at the new billion dollar facility.

Goes to show you, spending money on your house and not your foundation, which in this case in my humble is the QB...tony romo...does not...I repeat....Does Not guarantee you a win.

...sorry about that. Let's get back to the issue. My cyber friends out there who give of your valuable personal time to visit my blog. Just for grins, I am gonna list a few of the places where you have checked in it all a mistake or on purpose that you came in here, I can deal with it.

Here we go now. We have on the list in no particular order the following locations:

North Carolina
Canada - Regina, Saskatchewan
New Zealand - Wellington
Philippines - Manila

Like I opened this post with the numerous ways to say thank you being way more than any one person can list. Being a simple old country boy at heart, let me try it this way....

Hey thanks y'all, I really do appreciate your making time to visit. Hope to see the list of locations grow in the near future. Tell your friends.

It Is What It Is ..... y'all.

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  1. Im so impressed. And I am happy that you took my advice about the sitemeter. You have really taken off. It is humbling to say the least at all the people that visit & read what you have to say. Even if it is just one, that is all we writers need to encourage us to keep going.