Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Catching Up

Gosh...it's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Reckon some of you may be wondering where the heck I have been or what's the deal.

Wish I had a good story to tell you other than it's been a wee bit hectic around the Chambers' household of late. To steal a line from Mel Brooks he had in one of his movies....

"Work work work work work..!"

I haven't had a full day off since the Friday after Thanksgiving. So this coming weekend is looking might enticing with it leading into the final two weeks of 2009 and me getting the final 16 days off before heading back to the grind.

The grind is simply writing procedures to turn a chemical plant into a parking lot.

Weird sort of stuff at work it is. Our corporate office made the decision back in May to shut our little production unit down....using the words to describe the move as... "exiting the business". And the catch phrase from our CEO who does a pretty good mimic of Katherine Hepburn, kept telling us that this over and over again.... "It is what it is..."

And yes, that is where I came up with the name for this blog...trying to be a straight-shooter with the way I see things leads me to say...it is what it is folks.

I talked recently about a good friend that is also a writer and has his own blog on a national web page...and it got me to thinking about these cyber world friendships we develop. Everything and everyone is so reachable and available now due to the amazing Internet.

Remember way back when you had a pen-pal and you actually wrote letters to each other and having to wait on the U.S. Snail Mail for your correspondence? This caused me to think about those folks that were into HAM radios. Having friends all over the world and tethered together by the microphone of your radio set.

Today, its the keyboard and flat screen monitor that allows us to maintain the global friendships we take for granted. Just let the system get hung up with a virus or lose your hard drive and you are just about helpless. Helpless to the point where you have to dial your cell phone if want to talk ear to ear to your friends.

My friend lives in Virginia. We hope one day to meet up and share some time on the water chasing the elusive little green fish we have come to love and hate at the same time. The little green slimy fish that thousands of anglers chase with a fevered intensity only to be angered to the maximum effect by a cold blooded creature that is unknowingly adept to creating such turmoil and chaos in a human beings world.

Pick any of the species of the bass. Largemouth, smallmouth, or the spotted bass. Each one can deliver you a boat load of grief on any given day, which is usually the outcome for most of us. But we continue on with our quest and we even write about our ordeal with the wily bass.

Simply stated and often heard around these parts, it's something in the water. Yes, I believe it is at least that....it is something in the water and it is what it is.

Let's try and get together a little more in the future okay? You folks take care now and have yourself a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and may the Good Lord take a liking to you.


  1. Just popping in to say hello and to wish you and your bunch a blessed Christmas. You sound like you still have some writing spunk so get to writing! You have lots of stories to tell. :)
    What's Santa bringing you?

  2. I agree with Jess, Jakeasaurusopatamuspossum. You got writing spunk. That's probably the best way I've ever heard it described. Keep on doing whatever it is you're doing. By the way, you know you could really mess with the minds of some of the engineers who are leveling that plant, don't you? Write some Monty Python sketch material into the plans or something. Do it for the Gipper.


  3. Yep, you've got spunk Jake and a great way of observing things. I never thought about the internet taking the place of pen pals. N.Y. was beyond my imagination and each day I post about a new adventure I had there all the way to Christmas eve. I am blessed by having so many writing friends in my life real and cyber. You and yours have a Christmas filled with grace and a New Year of prosperity.

  4. OMG! I'm not Richard I'm Debra. My husband is Richard. What have I done. Oh well "it is what it is." hahahahaha

  5. jess...if santa brings half the stuff i had on my wish list, i will make out like a bandit. writing spunk 'eh? well, we shall see shant we?

  6. jaison-San...my worthy mentor...'er grasshopper, i get enough excitement with my engineers just watching them in their element...we had one that got so caught up in there world..a statement was made about the danger of water and chlorine getting mixed....and this was a chemical engine-near. that individual no longer works with us..

    richard...i mean debra...nyc too much for you? you forget who you are / were there for a moment? soooo not like you. hope you had a grand time there...did you get to talk to Mr. Dan...??

  7. Dan and his lovely wife are true down home Texans, who knew? I am saving that post for last complete with pics. Be sure and read up. N.Y. is everything I ever dreamed, I fit in like I belonged. I went by Random House everyday and even that felt right. It's my time and I'm going for it!

  8. One thing I did learn and this is important. No one in that city has any more talent than we have. Me, You, Jess, Carol, or Nancy. They made up their mind not to let anything stand in their way while we are still stradeling (spell) the fence. I'm going over the otherside then I'm going to reah back for ya'll.