Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Wondering

Trying to keep it interesting in here with what ever I can come up with to talk about, sometimes.. aw heck, most of the time makes me wonder what is it exactly that causes you faithful readers out there to keep coming back.

I sure appreciate all of you making the trip across the Internet, coming all the way to my house to check in on what's happening in my little corner of Texas and my life.

I just did a quick check to see where exactly it is that some of you folks call home or were positioned when you opted to type in all them letters to get yourself here.

For the record, I am honored that you paid me a visit. Like I have said before, this Internet connection is really amazing. Here I sit at my little ol computer station in the extra bedroom of our simple home in the Great State of Texas...pounding out whatever it is that comes to mind, and hope that someone comes along and takes the time to stop and take a look see.

There have been a couple of other posts where I have mentioned the locations of my loyal readers and this is going to be another one. So sit back and check out a few, not all by any means, some of the recent global connections that have had my rantings on their screen.

As for the several states area:

TEXAS: Austin, Beaumont, Chandler, Houston
ALABAMA: Birmingham, Madison
VIRGINIA: Alexandria
CALIFORNIA: Mountain View

The most recent connections on an international level:

Moscow, Moscow City
Paris, France

Thanks for your time however short or long the duration was. If you stumbled across it by accident, I hope you stay awhile and check it out....but if you're in a hurry, get on down the Internet, but come back another time...if you so choose. Just remember...

It is what it is....

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  1. Of course people come from all over to read your blog, Jake! You have a unique voice and style about your writing that wants us to keep coming back. Keep up the good work, my friend!