Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's Next...

Picking patterns for the interior design of our home falls directly on my wife. She has more taste and style than me and most of my friends all rolled up into one.

But some patterns are easier to pick out after you've been bashed with them a few times.

For instance this global company I still work for today...which probably should remain nameless for now, has always had a knack for letting out just enough information about corporate changes that will take place, whether it is welcomed or not.

One time it was decided about how the employees would be paid. No more weekly paychecks. It would be either monthly or bi-monthly, depending upon your level of importance.

No more weekly checks? You could look up the phrase...'living paycheck to paycheck' and see my picture pasted alongside the description.

But over time, we have adjusted to the twice a month payday. Not saying I like it anymore today than when it was announced a few years ago, but I do appreciate the paycheck.

Just recently, the announcement to close our facility that just so happens to be the only one in the world that makes 'our' specific type of product, was announced. Then the shutdown date was changed because it wasn't the right way to treat our customers. Regrouping and new decisions were optioned and a brand new timeline was presented.

We, the employees were asked to continue working at our assigned tasks and information would be shared as soon as it was available, regarding our employment.

This all started back around May 7, 2009.... it was a Thursday morning as I remember. The BIG announcement was thought to be possible shorter hours due to the economy. We couldn't have been further from the truth.

In the struggle to maintain the facility, the focus on producing the amount of product that our customers needed to make a transition to replacement began. As of today, the final production date has been decided that we will not...NOT run into the second quarter. At least that's the understanding as of today...Thursday, January 28, 2010.

To enforce the effort, our little crew of electricians has been placed on a rotating 12 hour shift to cover any emergency that may arise which could hinder the production of this unique blend of ingredients that touches just about all of our lives.

Snowshoe bindings, drinking water reservoirs, automotive components, soles of sneakers that cushion our feet, and not to mention the insulation for wire in the electrical industry.

The very mention of forcing our group onto shift coverage, surfaced just about two weeks ago. I knew when I heard the rumor, that it was inevitable....and today, I find myself just 2 hours out of bed from working a set of 12 hour nights, only to go back for my last night a little later today.

From working straight days for over 20 years to a rotating 12 hour shift, takes a bit of adjustment and not just for me, my entire family suffers.

Don't go thinking I don't appreciate my job, I truly do. It's really tough to remain focused on the tasks we are charged with and not wonder about the future. There are certain aspects of the process that we are not hearing about. We are expected to maintain the professional level of support, but in reality are the typical mushrooms in the basement. Kept in the dark and fed the approved daily amount of corporate BS to sustain.

Will we possibly run past the second quarter? No way, but then again, maybe, maybe not. The cost to extend the permits would be to much to bear...or bare. We were told that this shift work, would only go until the end of March...hopefully it's March 2010.

It is what it is...

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