Saturday, January 9, 2010

They keep telling him no....

They keep telling him no. I am sure that after spending over half of his life in the 'system', the answer is not a surprising one.

Javier is his name. His friends call him Javi.

The system is known as DCF and is governed by the State of Connecticut. DCF stands for the Department of Children and Families.

Javi is one child of many who long for a family to take him in. His Christmas wish of 2008 was simply:

"I'd like a family who likes fishing...pretty much any kind of fishing."

Another unique piece of the puzzle has Javi belonging to the Permanency Unit, which plainly states that these are the ones;

The kids who are not going home. Their parents have given them up. Period.

Javi is like any other 13 year old kid you could meet. He likes math, not so much on reading. Not a big video gamer and prefers to be outside. Loves the game of baseball and loves the Yankees. His favorite player is Derek Jeter. Oh, and he has a strong passion for fishing.

I am telling you about Javi because his situation tugs at my heart. The story is repeated more than we can imagine across our nation and someone out there just may take the time to read this and know of someone, some family out there that would be perfect for Javi.

I look at my own son who is now 14 years old and realize just how much some family, some couple out there is missing out on the blessing of having a void filled in their lives.

Don't just read what I have written here about Javi and his situation, do yourself a favor and go to the website where you can read about Javi and his being 'severed' from the world by his parents.

Please, take a few moments and go to and check out the story; Christmas for Javier.

It is our prayers and hope for Javi to find happiness in the near future but realize that we are but a few that care. The task is in no way unobtainable and know that sometimes, just getting the information out there...could possibly make a difference.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check my blog out, because ... it is what it is.

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  1. This was so heart breaking. My family watched the movie Blindside a few days ago and were moved by the kindness of strangers. My husband and I have mentored kids now since 1993. Out of about six, one young man still keeps in contact. In 2006 we stopped but reading that little fellow's story got me to thinking about it again. Thanks Jake.