Saturday, September 11, 2010



Remember that day!

I am not asking you IF you remember the morning, it's more of a reminder to you to simply not ever forget that day.

Our lives, our nation was changed in an instant. Our security had been threatened and yet, our American neighbors, our American family became closer on that day.

All barriers became non-existent at that moment and continued for a short while. Barriers of our own making.






People lined up together in donor lines for giving of their blood.

People had a new found patriotism and joined our military.

People prayed to God.

And as history tells us, the American society has come together and are rebuilding their lives. Rebuilding our nation in particular, at Ground Zero there in New York. It looks to be a tribute to America and our stamina and intestinal fortitude.

Remember 9-11 as you wish.

It's a freedom you can enjoy. Say a prayer, remember the moment you heard the news, the way you felt, something you heard someone say that has burned into your memory.

Remember 9-11

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