Monday, September 6, 2010

Counting it a Blessing

Call it what you want, I will call it a blessing.

One of many divine interventions I have received that has provided for my family over the course of my married life and career.

A recent offer from another business unit at the plant site that I have worked at for the last 20 plus years will allow me the opportunity to finish my career with the same company.

A blessing from God to me and my family. Plain and simple.

It really has been a tumultuous ride since the announcement of the decision to 'exit' the business last year.

Some of the men I worked with, managed to find positions with a 'sister' plant in a neighboring county, while others secured new employment with a new employer and refinery. Only a couple actually will take retirement after the wrecking ball finishes its job of dismantlement.

All the while, I was thinking of taking the severance package and going on to quite possibly another field altogether. I have two good friends who are in real estate and I tossed the idea around to get into that field.

Or even going back to my roots of working in the electrical construction industry... but the more I watched my friends drift away to their jobs, I began to wonder and allow that emotion of doubt to filter in.

What if...

What about...

How will you manage that...

The rumor mill had it that the last standing business unit at the Beaumont Works site would be needing specific skill based individuals by years end.

Did you see the second word in that sentence above....'rumor'.

Finally one day, in an informational meeting I was in, the announcement was shared that the other business unit would in deed want to talk to any employees of specific skill sets (electricians, maintenance mechanics, & operators) for consideration in furthering their careers.

Furthering my career....all I need is another 4-1/2 years to finish to reach the magic number to get the 100% of retirement.

As it was, the other business unit had an immediate opening of... count 'em.. 1 electrician...and it just so happened that I was the last standing electrician that was in need of a position after the wrecking ball finished wrecking my existing unit.

Sounds simple right? Still the interview process and the nerves and stress until you finally get the official offer. This took a total of about 2 months..maybe less.

Any one of the guys that I mentioned earlier would of loved to have the opportunity to take that position, but they had to respond to what was in front of them at the time.

Divine intervention..? That's my take on it.

When I look back and see all of the times that God has put things together to provide for me and my family. I simply sit in awe of His power and His grace.

Reckon I am just a work in progress with Him...or maybe it's someone I've yet to meet and be a part of their life or for them to influence my life someway.

Thank you God for all that You have done for me. For getting my attention without the flaming bush or the parting of lake Sam Rayburn like you did the Red Sea a few years back.

Thanks for putting up with me and my weak attempts at being a child of yours. I will try to do better, but, You know that don't you....yeah, You know everything.

Not only do You know our needs, you know them before we do...


  1. Awesome Jake! Thank you for sharing. He is an awesome God and I thank him so much for all the blessings he has bestowed upon you and your family.

  2. Well done, brother. well done, indeed.